V Life Fitness is a boutique fitness studio designed around optimizing your health, aesthetic and fitness goals. We know that a “one-size-fits-all” standard does not apply to exercise or nutrition. Our approach is to gain a clear understanding of your objectives and work to seamlessly integrate them with a realistic action plan that is obtainable for you in the process of achieving your ideal state.

Our services are customizable for your body as well as your lifestyle to provide you with sustainable life changing results. As stated in our vision: 'V Life Fitness is not just a workout, its a lifestyle.' We make it our mission to inspire, educate, and motivate you to not only get the results you desire, but to sustain them for life.



Veronica Thomas


Veronica has 10 years of experience specializing in weight management and strength training. With a certification from the 'National Academy of Sports Medicine' (NASM), she will work with you as your personal trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. With a passion for fitness and nutrition, she enjoys speaking at corporate events, private workshops, and seminars to spread awareness of key steps one can take to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Rich Thomas


 Rich is a trainer with 10+ years of experience as a Personal trainer and Sports Performance Coach. He holds an 'International Sports Science Association' (ISSA)- certification for personal training and under the 'National Sports Performance Association' (NSPA) a certification in Speed and Agility Coaching(CSAC)




375 Fairfield Ave., Bldg 2

Stamford, CT 06902


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